Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

In the death of Christopher Hitchens God has lost his finest adversary. May they, God willing, continue their excellent debate for all eternity.

Will Callender

3 thoughts on “Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

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  1. Will:

    Thank you for a faithful, hopeful and economically elegant tribute, not only to Christopher Hitchens, but to the One he’ll keep eternal company with.

    1. Thank you very much. I must say, I will miss Mr. Hitchens. I read most everything he wrote. He was truly an autodidact who had detailed knowledge, as well as thought out opinions, on most everything. Obviously, he didn’t mind telling people what he thought! That’s certainly an important public virtue.

  2. I, too, read almost any article he put into cyberspace, and I especially enjoyed his book reviews in The Atlantic. The only book of his I managed to read was the one on Orwell, in which Hitchens took up the uses and abuses of language and its consequences for fruitful poltical discourse.

    It’ll take awhile before I stop reflexively looking for a piece from him whenever something big breaks into the news.

    A major voice.


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