Abdication: God Steps Down for Good – Provocative New Book

As readers know, I have left this Blog fallow for quite some time while I worked on a book. I am happy to say that the book is completed. It has just been published bf Friesen Press of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The book is entitled:


God Steps Down for Good

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats through Friesen Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google and most other internet providers. It is available in the Portland Maine area from the University of Southern Maine, Portland, bookstore, Longfellow Books in Monument Square, Nonesuch Books in South Portland, The Book Review in Falmouth, and from the South Portland and Portland municipal Libraries.

The following is a summation of the book as summarized on its cover. Next week, the Preface to the book will be presented in this blog. The Preface conveys the spirit of the book and provides a more extensive description of its contents. The reader may also wish to read the two reviews of the book that have thus far been posted to the Amazon site by customers. If you have comments or questions, please comment here or contact me by email through my website.

Book Description

Monotheism, as known in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, seems to have reached a dead end from which no more generous view of humanity can be expected. Its view of man as a craven, fallen sinner in need of salvation and redemption by a heavenly father is insufficient to prevent man from destroying himself and endangering the planet. The suicide-bomber-with-nuclear-bomb ready to blow the planet to hell and kingdom come, is one image of this failure. Another is the end-times anticipator of apocalypse, rapture, judgment day, and a new heaven and earth. Ubiquitous holy wars are a third. On a planet where 1,750 million or more years of good living should lie before us, we have managed to fashion deadly scenarios of immediate crisis and death, and then expected God to intervene and save us. It’s been our game all along. We must clean up our own messes. God, with our thanks, should be allowed to abdicate, and retire from anthropoid form back into the physical world. Here, now, at the beginning of human history, humanity, with the help of science, needs to reinvent itself, reassess the meaning of life, and reconfigure its relationship to God.

Will Callender, Jr. ©

October 30, 2014

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  1. Will: If you’re planning a book signing I’d love to attend it; otherwise, I’ll pick up a copy at a local store. X Sherrie Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

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