Dumping on Trump


Author’s note: This essay, first published in September of 2012, is particularly relevant now that Donald Trump is running full bore for the Presidency of the United States. While I’ve retained its original title for filing purposes—it is after all easier to reblog than rewrite—it is renamed Double Dump on Trump here to highlight his no apologies/no retractions habit of doubling down on every vicious aspersion he hisses under the banner of honest talk. I think you’ll agree that my attempt at the art is primitive and amateurish by comparison. WC 7-21-2015

Double Dump on Trump

Anthony Baxter’s recently released documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, appraises Donald Trump’s efforts to transform a jewel of coastal grandeur into “the world’s greatest golf course.” One reviewer opines: “If you didn’t hate Donald Trump before, you definitely will after this riveting and infuriating expose.” True enough, this film will test your emotional maturity, and I’m speaking mostly of your self-control in the…

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3 thoughts on “Dumping on Trump

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  1. He’s a clown (in the role of Chucky, the Evil One!), and the “band of brothers” (Parliment, the politicians, the police, and, of course, Trump, himself!) are putting profit over environment in the worst way (where have we seen this battle many times over before – how ’bout the big corporate pesticide giant, Monsanto, and the farmers of our lands who buckle under the wave of $$$$ over sanity and regard for the foods we consume and the environment from which they are grown/eaten!! I could go on . . . . !!!

    See you Saturday!

  2. Donald Trump is presenting the most disgusting behavior ……what I call evil incarnate running amok! It’s also pretty disgusting that he gets so much media attention.
    Your article on him is totally on target……he has his evil little minions following him and those greedy power players helping make his way. Who will stop him and when does he get his due?

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