Prompts to Planetary Consciousness

So, what’s in your wallet? What’s on your fridge door? Images of geologic time, I hope, and the evolutionary tree of life. Good for you. Good for us. That’s our true planetary address and our true social standing as a life form. We are life becoming conscious of itself. Life has evolved into consciousness. We are the heart, eyes, brain, mind, and thoughts of the universe. We are the inheritors of time. We are the gardeners. We are the guides. We are the hope of posterity.

Cultivating God

Scientists in Russia, led by Svetlana Yashina and David Gilichinsky, are reported to have successfully resurrected a narrow leafed Campion plant (Silene Stenophylla) from fossil fruit buried in northern Siberia 32,000 years ago. Squirrels had buried the fruit in burrows on the banks of the lower Kolyma River in an area populated at the time... Continue Reading →

Divining Nature

I was brought up a Christian, in the American Baptist tradition, baptized by my father, the minister of the churches I attended until I left the church for good after high school. I had mentally absconded well before that, however, starting around the age of six, because—I secretly told myself—these parishioners weren’t hearing what my... Continue Reading →

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